€urrency in form fields

Not a matter of life and death, but it would be nice to customize the field form with a currency character ($,€ etc.). I couldn’t find the option to edit a specific form’s layout, my best guess was trying via the setTemplate option:

    'inputContainer' => '<div class="input {{help}}{{type}}{{required}}">
        {{help}} {{content}} <span class="help">{{help}}</span></div>'

Form->control('X', [.., 'templateVars'=>['help'=>'€'] ]

This prints the € sign everywhere but inside or directly in front of the form :slight_smile:

Simply without CakePHP specific commands doesn’t work either:
echo ('€ ' .$this->Form->control()'; to achieve http://jsfiddle.net/uzbjve2u/

Then the question is: how to access forms layout in order to do the above, or through CSS?