Upload or submit File on cakephp3.4



hello every body, i am sorry , but , please give me tutorial for upload file on cakephp 3.4 , please … i want when upload , show loading percentage process , and iwant upload file with submit type other , help meee…


Have a look at https://github.com/FriendsOfCake/cakephp-upload
It’s an awesome plugin for easily handling file uploads in Cake 3.x

Showing the progress isn’t handled by PHP but can be done by javascript.


Read this for a good start http://php.net/manual/en/features.file-upload.post-method.php
in short, uploaded file is placed in tmp folder first, and than you must move it to your location.


Thank all, joris and jarekgol , i want learn again and again


Maybe this is what you’re searching for:


Hi, Can u please tell me how to add the plugin, I am new to this Cakephp


Thank to you Tobse , and for snehith , i dont know but when i add plugin , ijust add script on bootstrap.php on config and download file plugin with composer with command prompft cd location file to your folder plugin and exc it …hehe


Did you take a look at the documentation here?
It has a section explaining the installation options.


I have gone through that but there it was explained for installing plugins from packagist but I need to know how to install in case of plugins from git or from outside sources, Thanks in advance


Although I advise you to use composer, you can just download the source code from github and use the docs to set it up.


I have tried by downloading that plugin and kept that file in the plugin folder and added that load script in bootstrap.php file later I have run the command cake bake plugin but it didn’t work, I am sry if I understood wrong, please guide me, thanks in advance


if you read a tutorial again and again , try again , u 'll take its , adding plugin with composer , i use command promp because iam user windows , u must pass location . example you project on C://Xampp//htdocs/your_project/
excecut on here , plugin will auto add to your project , check on , …//your_project/vendor/new_plugins_onhere