Is there a file upload plugin for cakephp4


is there a version for file upload for CakePHP4? same as the below

[](http://friends of cake)

Well…I have made a file upload plugin for CakePHP3 that should (in theory) work with CakePHP4 as well since it doesn’t use anything that I am aware of got broken in CakePHP4 (can’t guarantee it to work though!).

I have yet to document it as well (sorry, kinda forgot about that), but feel free to open any MRs on the repo to document it :slight_smile:

On the client side, it uses resumable.js, which provides a nice documentation for the client-side things.
On the server side, you’re on your own right now (again, didn’t document it).
Though it is used by my CMS (open-source) so you might be able to look at the code to see how it works:

Again, sorry that I haven’t documented this yet :\

Proffer just got some patches for Cake 4. Not labeled stable, but works for me.

Hi @FinlayDaG33k

Thanks for the share sorry in the delay in replying up to my neck in other things, I will look in to this later in the week.



Aye :slight_smile:
If there are any issues, feel free to open an issue on the repo so I can have a look at it.

Hello David,

I am using cakephp 4(4.0.0), and I installed cakephp-proffer(2.0.0-alpha1) plugin, it works when I choose image to upload. But an error shows when I choose nothing. Error will show also when I am on edit section when I am about to modify some field values except the image file . I noticed that when i removed the addBehavior for proffer in my table model it works fine, but of course proffer plugin will not apply just the creation and update in database and no upload will happen.
I used proffer in previous cakephp 3 version and really works fine and greate with no issues. Its just that it happens on my current cakephp 4 project with proffer in alpha version. May I asked what I am missing or do I missed something I dont know for current version?

I attached some snapshots of my controllers , model, views and error for your reference.

Please let me know your thoughts on this.