Upgrade from 3.6 to 3.7 and getting odd PlugIn URL behaviour

So I have a project that’s being upgraded from 3.2 upwards. I’ve got to a totally working version of 3.6 and now upgrading that to 3.7

I’ve sorted most things but I’m completely stumped on a Plugin.
This is working perfectly in 3.6 but in 3.7 there is the following behaviour:

When navigating to a URL like this it’s fine:


But when navigating to the ‘top’ level of the plugin, it adds webroot like this:


Plugins are working completely fine except when trying to go to the top level.
I’ve not changed anything.

Initially I figured this is routing change between 3.6 and 3.7 – but before going further I wondered if this is a known 3.7 issue?

As in it all works except the top level of the plugin which gets webroot added in the URL

Being a CakePHP noob I hope there’s a known issue here.

Thanks - Alasdair

To add:

I’m loading the plugins using the deprecated method:

Plugin::load('Store', ['bootstrap' => false, 'autoload' => true, 'routes' => true]);

This still works up to 4.0.0 I believe.

It works perfectly in 3.6 so there’s some odd 3.7 behaviour I am missing …

I think I have solved my own problem.

Figuring that as most of the PlugIns were working, just not the ‘top level’ URL, I checked to see if there was anything odd about .htaccess files.

I did not imagine there would be as it was all working fine in 3.6 so no reason for these to affect the 3.7 version. But in looking at this files I realised that some SymLinks had been built into the webroot directory [no idea how!] and clearing these has somehow fixed the problem.

I’d like to understand WHY but at least it’s working now.