Try to select distinct in other relationship

Hi guys.I have a Model by some relationship with other Models.I am going to find all users that send some file with select distinct means a users can send some file.But i want to find all users that send a file.I want to just find unique users.I use cakephp 3.2.Thanks

You should have a look at and use distict() to filter the result so users come up only once.

No.I want to distinct in just relation Model for example my problem is like this code
$query = $articles->find('all') ->where(['Articles.created >' => new DateTime('-10 days')]) ->contain(['Comments'=>['fields'=>['distinct user_id'], 'Authors']) ->limit(10);

You can use a callback function in contain like this:

$query = $articles->find('all')
    ->where(['Articles.created >' => new DateTime('-10 days')])
    ->contain(['Authors', 'Comments' => function ($q) {
        return $q->distinct('user_id');