Cant get distinct rows in a find list

How can I rewrite this cakephp3 query so I can see list of suburbs that are distinct? Currently I get repeating suburbs in the list and groupBy doesnt work for this situation in the newer mysql.

 $suburb = $this->Students->find('list')
          ->where(['Students.address_suburb !=' => '','Students.student_inactive' => 0])
     // ->group(['Students.address_suburb'])->autoFields(true)
        ->order(['Students.address_suburb' => 'ASC'])

You cant use a groupBy as the mysql version (NEWER) WONT allow code like this.
This is why I am asking for an alternative.
// ->group([‘Students.address_suburb’])->autoFields(true)

What type of response is this anyway?

I removed my previous comment because I tried and for me on list the group is working fine.

no your code wont work on the newer mysql version. My code above worked fine but you cant use groupBy like this anymore on the newer mysql that is why I go the problem.

I am wanting another way to get a list of items and remove the duplicates from the find.

Then run find('all') and use collection

can i have an example please as the docs you pointed me too only shows a very basic idea of what to do

  This works
 $suburbs = $this->Students->find('list', [
             'keyField' => 'address_suburb',
                'valueField' => 'address_suburb'
       ->where(['Students.address_suburb !=' => '','Students.student_inactive' => 0])
        ->order(['Students.address_suburb' => 'ASC'])