TranslateBehavior in CakePHP 5 with EavStrategy does not read the translated content from i18n

I try to migrate a v3.x cake project to v5.x. My categories table has content in different languages in the i18n table (default schema from config/schema/i18n.sql).
When I enable the TranslateBehavior in the CategoriesTable model with the EavStrategy:

    public function initialize(array $config): void



        $this->addBehavior('Translate', [
            'strategyClass' => Cake\ORM\Behavior\Translate\EavStrategy::class,
            'fields' => ['title']

I do not receive the translated content. These are the queries from the two projects:

SELECT `Category`.`id`, (`I18n__title`.`content`) AS `Category__i18n_title`
FROM `dgp_wegweiser`.`categories` AS `Category`
         INNER JOIN `dgp_wegweiser`.`i18n` AS `I18n__title`
                    ON (`Category`.`id` = `I18n__title`.`foreign_key` AND `I18n__title`.`model` = 'Category' AND
                        `I18n__title`.`field` = 'title' AND `I18n__title`.`locale` = 'en')
WHERE `Category`.`is_for_children` = '0'
ORDER BY `Category`.`category_order` ASC

Doesn’t work:

SELECT AS Categories__id,
    Categories.title AS Categories__title, AS Categories_title_translation__id,
    Categories_title_translation.content AS Categories_title_translation__content
    categories Categories
        LEFT JOIN i18n Categories_title_translation ON (
                Categories_title_translation.model = 'Categories'
            AND Categories_title_translation.field = 'title'
            AND Categories_title_translation.locale = 'en'
            AND = Categories_title_translation.foreign_key
WHERE is_for_children = FALSE
ORDER BY category_order ASC

What am I doing wrong?
Thanks for your help!

The solution is/was to add ‘referenceName’ => ‘Category’,

        $this->addBehavior('Translate', [
            'strategyClass' => Cake\ORM\Behavior\Translate\EavStrategy::class,
            'referenceName' => 'Category',
            'fields' => ['title']