Doubt with Translate Behavior

If I try to translate an entity having attached the Behavior as indicated in the docs for CakePHP 4 in Behavior Translate:

// By default Eav strategy will be used.
$this->addBehavior('Translate', ['fields' => ['title', 'body', 'slug']]);

just insert the translation for the first field ‘title’, neither body nor slug are inserted in the translations table.

But if i change like that:

$this->addBehavior('Translate', ['fields' => array('title', 'body', 'slug')]);

Then all the data is inserted correctly. This is due to a configuration problem or an error in the docs?

['title', 'body', 'slug'] and array('title', 'body', 'slug') are identical, just two different ways of writing the exact same thing. Whatever the problem is, it’s somewhere else. Maybe you updated the table schema recently, the cache hadn’t been cleared for the first try, but it had been before the second one?

Yes, that’s it, a modification in table schema. Thanks.