Termage for CakePHP

Hello CakePHP Community!

I’m working on a small and powerful library for Terminal Output styling that is 100% compatible with CakePHP Console Applications :slight_smile: and its name - Termage!

Termage provides fluent and incredible powerful, object-oriented interface for customizing CLI output text color, background, formatting, theming.

Simple example of usage with CakePHP

use Termage\div;

// ... 

public function execute(Arguments $args, ConsoleIo $io)
  $io->output(div('Stay RAD!')
  // ...


Consistent Colors
Termage uses the ANSI color scheme which is widely used by terminals to ensure consistent colors in different terminal themes. If that’s not enough, Termage can be used to access the full RGB color scheme (16+ million colors) in terminals that support TrueColor.

Termage provides ability to create and use custom themes to change the style of command line output with preconfigured themes variables.

Termage provides incredible simple and powerful Shortcodes API to create and use shortcodes markup for customizing CLI output text color, background, formatting.

Component System
Termage consists of many built-in components, called Elements, which can be used individually or together to generate pretty console output.

Framework Agnostic
Termage can be used with any Modern PHP Framework: Symfony, Laravel, Yii, CakePHP, CodeIgniter, Phalcon and others.

Free & Open-Source
Termage is an open-source project licensed under the MIT LICENSE to set the world free!

Github Repository

Looks pretty good. Since its not purely a CakePHP plugin but rather a generic utility which can be used inside CakePHP I don’t know if it would into GitHub - FriendsOfCake/awesome-cakephp: A curated list of amazingly awesome CakePHP plugins, resources and shiny things.

You could give it a try and make an issue or a PR