Streaming results in CakePHP5

Hi all,

I am currently in the process of migrating my app to v5. One of the actions of my app generates a spreadsheet based on a user query of the biggest table in the database. It doesn’t happen often but occasionally the users dump out the entire table into the spreadsheet.

Since there were so many results, buffering the query results lead to memory issues and I got around this by using enableBufferedResults(false), however this functionality has now been removed in CakePHP 5. Would anyone be able to assist me with a suggestion on how I might still be able to generate this report within the new version? Since it is used infrequently and my app doesn’t have many users, I am not too concerned with how long it will take to perform.


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Unbuffered queries will be re-added to CakePHP 5.1
Try out the RC


Good to know, thanks!