Best way to export large ResultSet

Hi all, we have an option in our application to export data. The table has a lot of information, and also relations (that I need to export, for example, for a user, I want to export the company name he belongs to). The resultset is about 50,000 records. I have tried many workarounds: disable query buffer ($query->enableBufferedResults(false);, that throws an error beause relations: Cannot execute queries while other unbuffered queries are active), use $q->each, etc. without success, I always get a memory exhausted error (with 256M); I wouldn’t like to increase PHP memory, but find a better way to do this. Any idea? Thanks! (CakePHP 3.6, PHP 7.2, Ubuntu 18.04 x64)

Chunk them, Id 1 - 1000, then the next ID that’s higher than 1000 -2000.

Write a small routine and use some if statements with some less than and greater than statements.

or instead of manual id compare use sql/cake limit or try paginator and write limited data to file in loop.
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I would just paginate query and increase php execution time.
You can do it directly in model like:

$cnt = $yourQuery->count();
$recordsLimit = 1000;
$pages = ceil($cnt / $recordsLimit);

 for( $page = 1; $page <= $pages; $page++) {
    $result = $query->toArray();

I’d also try to limit the related data to only the fields you really need - like this:

$users = $this->Users->find()
    ->select(['id', 'name', 'customer_alias' => 'Customers.alias', 'certificate'])
	'Roles' => [
		'fields' => ['', 'RolesUsers.user_id']

This can drastically shrink the fetched result size and therefore the used memory.

Thanks all for your tips. I’ll try to implement these workarounds and give you some feedback.

You’re likely at some point to hit a timeout (php, apache/nginx, or the user browser).

The best way is to trigger a task, make the export via cli and alert the user that the task is finished, with a link to the generated export.

you can use queues, eg: cakephp-queue

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