SQLSTATE[42S22]: Column not found: 1054 Unknown column 'people.id' in 'on clause'

Hi everybody, may I ask you for a help?

When I run my page on local WAMP Win10 installation, the page displays what it should:

When I run the same page on my commercial hosting, I get error:

I tired to do some debugging and on loal, as well as production server, following SQL string is generated by CakePHP:

SELECT DISTINCT People.id AS People__id, People.title1 AS People__title1, People.name AS People__name, People.surname AS People__surname, People.title2 AS People__title2, People.street AS People__street, People.city AS People__city, People.zip AS People__zip, People.country_id AS People__country_id, People.email AS People__email, People.contact AS People__contact FROM people People INNER JOIN direps_rulings dirrul ON People.id = dirrul.direp_id INNER JOIN rulings rul ON dirrul.ruling_id = rul.id WHERE rul.subject_id = 1

When I run the string on production server via phpMyAdmin, it simply works:

When I display a person with people.id via PeopleController on production server, it works.

Does anybody can advice me, why it does not work for my join query? The column people.id certainly exists, otherwise I would not be able to display person with id=1 using the PeopleController and its View action …

Thank you very much!

I am sorry. I got the error. I just changed to uppercase only one table name, I forgot to change it on anoher row within the code.