Column not found error

I’m using CakePHP version 4. The add.php view in the Mealplans controller consists of several foreach statements which all look something like this:

foreach ($tiles as $tile):
if ($user_id ==  $tile->user_id){
<div id="draggable<?php echo $tile->id; ?>" class="draggable_meal">
<div class="calorie_icon"><?php echo $tile->cals_per_serving; ?> CALS</div>
<span><?php echo $tile->short_description; ?></span>
echo $this->Form->hidden('cals_per_serving'. $tile->id, [
    'multiple' => 'true',
    'value' => $tile->cals_per_serving,
} //end if

I looked over my code to see if I had forgotten a foreach statement somewhere but they’re all there so the singular $tile instead of the plural $tiles should work.
I get the error:

Column not found: 1054 Unknown column ‘Tile.cals_per_serving’ in ‘order clause’

It executes the following query:

SELECT AS Tiles__id, Tiles.cat_id AS Tiles__cat_id, Tiles.short_description AS Tiles__short_description, Tiles.cals_per_serving AS Tiles__cals_per_serving, Tiles.user_id AS Tiles__user_id FROM tiles Tiles ORDER BY Tile.cals_per_serving DESC

Note that in the ORDER BY clause it displays Tile.cals_per_serving and not Tiles.cals_per_serving with an appended s.

I found the error. I had this in my MealplansController:

$this->set(‘tiles’, $this->Tiles->find(‘all’, [‘order’ => ‘Tile.cals_per_serving DESC’]));