Sort a result made with get

Hello, im new using cakephp so i dont know so much about the framework, as tittle says im trying to sort a result of a get method, also my get query is made with multiple associations and i want to sort a sub-associated content.

I have already done it, i just added “‘sort’ => ‘“field” ASC’” on my associated model table.

What does your code look like? Does it match this expample?

No, that form doesnt work with ‘get’

        'foreignKey' => 'idTable',

        'sort' => 'Table.idTable ASC'


this is done in my associated table

what kind of result are you getting? unsorted data? no data? an error?

im calling data from some associations of associations ex:
$query = $this->myModel->get($id, [

        'contain' => ['table' => ['table_2', 'table3'], 'table4', 'SvcDetordenes' ...]]],


and it sorts the results returned from the association i specified to sort data.
I know this is confusing if you have many associations , but its sorting my data how i wanted without any error in this moment