Shrink the CakePHP Directory

Hey there!
I’ve made recently a simple Database-CakePHP-Cake. It saves Schoolmarks and calculates the middle-value. But I am using a free Hosting Service. Its called “infinity free”. There are the Indes per Month limited.
Now my Question: Is there a way to shirk the directory of a simple Cake or do I have to left all files on the server. I mean for example testing or debugging files.
Or can you recommend me a Hosting-Service which is free and without Limitations for CakePHP.

Greetings Dominik

What you can do is to run composer with --no-dev as in composer install --no-dev to omit development dependencies and upload that vendor/ folder. But it’s not really clear to me what you mean with a limited “Indes per Month”.

I don’t have much experience with free hosting but I know of a semi-complex CakePHP installation running on a free account at (no personal experience and with that no personal endorsement).