Set rout for default.ctp

i am new to cakephp. i want to use two controllers in my default.ctp but i could not find out how to do it. in other words i want to use ArticlesController to save articles and also a MessagesController to get messages from users. i want to use these two controllers in my default.ctp. how can i do this?

default.ctp is the core template, what is used to display for all your actions. It should not contain any controller related variables.

Do you want to display these in a header? Or do you speak about the opening page of your application?

i’m speaking about the opening page of my application. i have an add action in ArticlesController that i placed a form for it in default.ctp and it works. i also want to have a form for MessagesController in my default.ctp to get messages. you said it’s the core template and should not contain any controller related variables. you mean it’s not secure to have a from in there? because i prefer my application to be user-friendly and users be able to do what they want in the homepage and don’t need more clicks

You may consider using cells