Session stored in database

I have a database supported session with blob (binary) data. This data has been json objects before.
How can I read out this datatable. On a normal way

$sessionData = $this->find(‘all’)->toArray(); I’ll get a resource as data. And by reading like:
$query = $this->query(“SELECT CONVERT(data USING utf8) AS data FROM sessions LIMIT 0,1”);
$sessionData = $query->execute();

computer mysql get memory exhausted. but in phpmyadmin it works great. What is the best way o read this blob data and convert it in a json string/object??

Thank youy for any help…


Did you try read in the request?


Hi !

Shure. I need to read the blob value from the session table cause I would like to know who is presently online.

I would like to read all stored session in database but at least I’ll get a memory exhausted message even when I stretch my server memory to 1 GB.

So what is the problem? Because reading the session table with phpmyadmin get’s no problem at all…
I’m usering cakephp 3

Is there someone who got similar problems…?


PS: after month. Is there no one who knows how to read a json string which has been stored in a blob field in session - table??