Read sessions at chrome inspect

hello World, happy new year

i like to ask on how to read sessions record at google chrome inspect?

normally i have to echo in View or Controller


i did save data at and but after that i only manage to retrieve it as not managed to save data as $variables.

but at write sessions, i am able to save data as $variables

is it because one is JS while other is not JS?

can i just read it from the google inspect just like Ionic type console.log?

humbly waiting for advices. :wave:t2:

Browser sessions and PHP sessions are completely different things, not connected in any way. PHP session data lives only on the server, never on the browser (unless of course you do something special to send it there, but then it’s really just “data”, not session data any more).

Hello Zuluru, happy new year 2023.

i see, i will resume reading on the PHP sessions data by echo() and debug (), i just removed the local storage records which stored in Google Chrome inspect Application.

thanks for advices.