Routes is not working

Preformatted textHi,

I’m trying to call an external web service from my app, but nothing happens after Ajax call

My Ajax call:

		beforeSend: function() {
		//	$.mobile.loading( 'show' );
   		type: "POST",
    	url: "http://localhost/getPrenotazione/" + numero,
   		contentType: "application/json; charset=utf-8",
	    dataType: "json",
       	success: function(data){

				db.transaction(function (tx) {
					$.each(data.results, function(i, lista) {


and this is my route

Router::connect('/getPrenotazione/*', array('plugin' => 'checkin', 'controller' => 'Prenotazione', 'action' => 'edit'));

I think the problem is due to the .htaccess or index.php file, but I don’t know hot to set it.

How can I check if the route is working? (I’ve checked the web service and it works fine).

Thank you in advance!

You could enter this in you browser url barcode

So you will see if your routing is ok.

Be careful with your naming patterns. Remember the controller name here should be an English plural form. So maybe you could try “prenotaziones”. I know this is not right in Italian but you have to do with it.