RESOLVED: Underscored routes on cake4


I am trying to use routes with undersore as I am migrating an app on cake2 to cake4. I have a plugin called OwNfe with a NfeAnaliticos controller.
The content of plugins/OwNfe/config/routes.php file is:

    ['path' => '/ow_nfe'],
    function ($routes) {
        $routes->scope('/', function (RouteBuilder $builder) {

But when i do $this->Html->link(__(‘New Nfe Analitico’), [‘action’ => ‘add’]); i expect the url ‘/ow_nfe/nfe_analiticos/add’ but cakephp give me ‘/ow-nfe/nfe_analiticos/add’.
What am I doing wrong? You would need the plugin to be undersore as well as the controller.

I found the problem… This route (/ow-nfe) was on file plugins/OwNfe/src/Plugin.php