Protected your sourcode

hi , sorry for about this , but i fell its a risk , give me information for protected your sourcode ? , sure, how to give password or key , when people open file on stucture file cake php … thank all

Struggling to understand what you are trying to ask, but I think you are looking for something to encrypt your application’s source?

This is generally considered a bad practise for PHP, but there are two main tools that do this. The one is and the other one is

Neither of them are free, and both require a special server.

just put your app on your server or on hosting that only you’ve got password.
ps. and check if you use public code, that you should deliver source to receiver.

thank , all .
I’ve used zend to encrypt my resource code but when I run it in my sourcode browser it’s unreadable, or indeed the effect of encript is like that?