Problem with usage Helper inside Cell class

Is there a way to use helper in Cake\View\Cell class?
I’m using $helpers property to load helper, but i can’t use it’s methods, because helper instance is null…

namespace TestPlugin\View\Cell;

use Cake\View\Cell;

class NavigationBarCell extends Cell
    protected $_validCellOptions = [];
    public $helpers = [
    public function display()
        // MenuHelper is exist, no warnings or errors, but
        // $this->Menu === null


as far as I can see, you don’t use helpers inside the cell-class but can use helpers inside the respective ctp file that is going to be rendered when the cell is loaded.

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Thank you very much! I have to read manuals more attentively. :3
Problem is solved now.

P.S> sry for my bad english. c:

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