Prepend schema name to table name

I am using cakephp v3.7 and cakephp-oracle-driver. How can I prepend schema name to the table name in the database queries?

As far as I’m aware, you shouldn’t as in the models, the table name should have already been specified.

I have defined the configuration for the datasource in config/app.php. But there are multiple schemas I would like to access. Hence, I was thinking of prepending schema name to the table queries. Is there a way i can do it?

In CakePHP 3.x in the app.php, you can specify multiple Datasources.
However, I’m not aware of any way to switch them on the fly so you’ll have to find that out on the fly.
Personally, I wouldn’t use difference schemas as for what I mostly do, the additional complexity is not work it (but my cases may ofc vary)