Plugins section on

Hi everybody,

in my opinion CakePHP hast got the coolest website, the best documentation and of course now this great forum :slight_smile: So thanks fot that!

But I think on we could still do a few things better. For example I think it would be great to put a small “Plugins section” beneath the “News and Releases” area. For example we could show there the most used plugins and give a link to a tutorial how to create a plugin for CakePHP. At the moment the whole plugin area is really hard to find and maybe a lot of users dont know that there a so many plugins out there. Additionally it would be great to add a filter for the CakePHP version (1,2,3) to

What do you think?

That’s a very good idea. I’ll suggest it to the dev team.

You can already search by version on (It’s not very clear yet though).

We’re busy working through all the plugins and tagging them based on their supported CakePHP versions.

Sounds great :slight_smile:

Now the plugins section is totally gone… :cry: :smiley:

I’m sure it will be back, doing a server switchover.