Password validation

hye good day to all my cakephp master. I am new to codes. Just working about 6 months. i got a problem with the password validation. which is requirement for password is 8 character. 1 symbol and 1 number. what i have done is show as below. but not succes, only 8 character just success not for 1 number and 1 symbol. Please help me. give some suggestion to resolve this issue.
cakephp 2.x

	'password' => array(
			'rule' => array('lengthBetween', 8, 20),
			'message' => 'Passwords must be at least 8 characters long and not longer then 20 characters',

			'rule' => array('Numeric', 1),
			'message' => 'number kena ad 1',

			'rule' => 'custom','/^[\W]+$/',1,
			'message' => 'Password must have at least one special character.'