Error message en cakephp 3.8

good morning guys.
I ask for your help in the following topic.
I have configured a maxlength and the idea is that when exceeding said maximum, an error message is sent saying that it exceeded the maximum number of characters allowed.
here the code in question:

<div class="col-12 col-md-12 p-0 m-0 pb-1">
       <div class="form-group p-0 px-1  m-0 ">
              <?php  echo $this->Form->control('origin_address',[
                         'id' => 'origin_address',
                         'type' => 'textarea', 'label' => false, 
                         'class' => 'form-control','rows' => '1', 'required', 
                         'placeholder' => __('Origin Address'), 'required'
                ]); ?>

Thanks in advance

Works fine for me. Have your verified the attribute is properly included in the resulting html?

Input stops accepting text at this point

tested in cakephp4.x so I still think: check the html produced by the code.

Your code should generate HTML with an input that only allows 255 characters. But it won’t generate any error message, for that you need to add validation in the table class.

Or javascript to notify the user prior to submit. But they’re going to notice their ability to input stops.

good morning guys.
I managed to resolve the issue of sending the message, do it from the validator by adding the following rule:

     ->maxLength('destination_address', 255, __('You have exceeded the maximum characters for this field, 255.'))

ded this way when exceeding the maximum established, it does not allow saving the record and places the necessary message
I thank you @Zuluru and @dreamingmind for your time and answers, they were very useful for me