Pagination by tab in cakephp 3x

Hello, good afternoon, sir.

I wanted to make the following consultation:

I have 4 tabs and each list a type of DB item “Accept, Assign, Assigned, Delivered”
How can I implement a pager in each tab, that when I give next or select the other number of it, I keep and look for the page within the tab where I am?

I don’t know if I can explain myself.

basically what happens is that when you click on the next page, it returns me to the first tab.
It doesn’t leave me in the current tab.

here I leave the pager in one of the tabs views

     $this->Paginator->options(['model' => 'DoneDeliveriesTable']);
     $count = $this->Paginator->counter(['format' => '{{count}}']);
          if ($count > 6 ){
                      'first' => '<li class="first"><a href="{{url}}/?done_deliveries"><< ' . __('first').'</a><li>',
                      'prevActive' => '<li class="prev"><a href="{{url}}/?done_deliveries">< ' . __('previous').'</a><li>',
                      'number' => '<li class="prev"><a href="{{url}}/?done_deliveries"> {{text}}</a><li>', ]); ?>

                                            <div class="paginator">
                                                <ul class="pagination">
                                                    <?= $this->Paginator->first('<< ' . __('first'),['model' => 'DoneDeliveriesTable']) ?>
                                                    <?= $this->Paginator->prev('< ' . __('previous'),['model' => 'DoneDeliveriesTable']) ?>
                                                    <?= $this->Paginator->numbers(['model' => 'DoneDeliveriesTable']) ?>
                                                    <?= $this->Paginator->next(__('next') . ' >',['model' => 'DoneDeliveriesTable']) ?>
                                                    <?= $this->Paginator->last(__('last') . ' >>',['model' => 'DoneDeliveriesTable']) ?>
                                                    <?= $this->Paginator->counter([
                                                        'format' => __('Page {{page}} of {{pages}}, showing {{current}} record(s) out of {{count}} total'), 
                                                        ['model' => 'DoneDeliveriesTable']]) 

Thank you very much for your cooperation.