Overiding Plugin Email template

I have followed the docs in overriding a plugin’s template, for email templates.

I copied the .ctp files from the plugin and put it in the main app’s template:


I then edited that file but when the email run’s I still get the plugin’s version and not the main app’s one.

If you have a plugin and it is enabled, it’s view files overrides the default views.
So you have to disable the plugin when you do not want it to take effect

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No, that’s not how it works. I’ve sucessfully had it working with the CakeDC users plugin, overwriting it’s templates yet still using the plugin functionality.

As themes are plugins, you might need to use something like this in your controller method:


That should turn off your “plugin-theme” for the following render action.

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Thanks, that is useful to know.

Turns out in the plugin a theme is used. So in that plugin model/controller the email is set to use a layout like this:


If the plugin writer wrote instead:


I think that then would allow me to just drop in my own templates to override at main App level. I will try this… and suggest to plugin Author to make the change…

It’s Plugin not Plugins.