ORM Chace problems or order for baking models needed?

Hello there!

Short, quick question: Is there a specific order in which models have to be baked so that all relations will be applied?

I think, I realized such problems with a belongsToMany (joinTable). I created the Database, told cake to bake model/template A. Then, I checked this template and no relations to model B were displayed. Then, I baked model/template B and then REBAKED model/template A. After that, in the templates (of A and B) all relations were detected and listed correctly.

Or do I have to bake all models and then all templates?

I know, that cake bake shows in the first line “Please wait while detecting relationships” (or sth. like this), but maybe a bug or false usage…

Thanks in advance

Yesterday lateron, I realised, that the ORM Cache played me jokes. Maybe, that’s the reason why I thougt, there is a specific order.

So my question is now: Can/Should I disable the ORMCache while developing. Sometimes I design my db-tables, then bake the models, notice that I’ve missed a files / made a mistake, redesign the table and bake again while overwrite the previous files. In that way, the errors came up.

When I deleted the files manually, cleared the ORM Cache and then bake again, everything is fine (I think so far…).

Any hints, or is this the right way to go?


Hello again,

please can somebody help me with this problem discribes above? I think it’s related to the ORM cache, so please tell me more about it :wink:


Strange. I never had such issues