Bake without creating association

hi - new to cakephp (but not development) I have a question about bake with table associations - or to be exact preventing them.
In my scenario we will be creating a number of tables that are loosely linked. We want to be able to run bake to give the table maintenance controllers/views so we can add data to our tables easily. But we do NOT want the automatic linking that occurs if you have a table name like “one_two” where one and two are tables with _id columns.
Is there any way of just telling the bake command to treat my tables as not linked to any others?
Currently we have to use odd names to “defeat” the bake

When using the bin/cake bake model -h command you can see, that there is a no-associations option.

So try bin/cake bake model --no-associations mymodel

thanks - very quick response!

There’s also nothing requiring that you keep whatever it bakes for you without change. Feel free to delete any extraneous associations that it makes for you!