Need help How to view template using a theme name in cake php 3.8

  • The new site design will replace the existing layout and view template using a theme named “newTheme”
    how can i do that in cakephp 3.8
    please i need help

currently creating a controller name as TestController

<?php namespace App\Controller; use App\Controller\AppController; class TestController extends AppController { public function initialize() { parent::initialize(); $this->viewBuilder()->Layout(""); } public function beforeRender(\Cake\Event\Event $event) { $this->viewBuilder()->setTheme('EstateSale'); } public function index() { } } and in Application.php to add below lines // Load more plugins here $this->addPlugin('EstateSale'); and created a "newTheme" folder in plugins and copy paste src into that folder is it right way and now create test folder and index file please help needed i am new to cakephp