Naming Convention : Is there a list of recognized field/column names?

I’m a newbie with CakePHP 3.x.

I read the CakePHP conventions chapter

and also some tutorials & examples

I understand than there is naming convention for some fields, especially _id fields.

I have also seen than some fields named :

  • uuid
  • created
  • modified
    are known and well managed by cakePHP.

Here are my questions :

  • Are they the only ones ?
  • Is there a way, or a place, to know the complete liste of these
    conventionnal names known and managed by cakePHP ?

please include the use of soft delete function. It’s very useful.
About the naming convention you can use the cake bake this bake will generate file like Controllers, Models, ctp etc. by this you look-up to the generated file and somehow it will help you.

Thank you for your answer.

So I tried to includea soft delete behavior.

There is no native full list of field names with a specific behavior.

Mainly depending on the behavior needed/wanted.
I just have to find a plugin for the behavior needed/wanted. This
plugin let me know what’s the expected field name for that

Ok that’s crystal clear.

I think that’s true in general. Apart from the conventions you found in the docs (which are more about naming tables and ID fields), any special fields are managed by behaviors. The timestamp behavior is the one that deals with created and modified time columns, for example, so that’s documented there.