MY SITE IS serving some images without an image extension and causing huge load times as a result

Hey everyone,

Let me start right off the bat by saying I am not a developer (unfortunately). I’m assisting a friend of mine with various issues on his site, chief among them being massive load times on almost all of the pages.

The site is, and I think it goes without saying that it is built with CakePHP.

When I perform a test on and look at the waterfall breakdown, the cause is pretty apparent. Certain images on the page have extremely long individual load times. THE REASON I believe this is related to cakePHP is because these images are all ones that are being served with no image extension. Example:

And there ARE images being served in the same pages which are served as ‘normal’. Example:

So my question is: Why are certain images being served this way, and how do I fix it? Please also note the url path difference between the two types of images (/asset/load/NUMBERS/sm VERSUS /img/IMAGENAME.extension)

Thanks in advance!

without the actual code that serves the images its close to impossible to tell whats happening, my guess is that the image server by cake is manipulated in some way i.e. scaled and the result isnt saved anywhere to be served next time with final result of manipulation but thats just a guess : )