More categories are needed

I think that more categories are needed in this wonderful forum application. As initial list for categories, it should covers the framework’s main features, such as, Models, Views, Controllers, Helpers, etc

Hmm, I imagine that most questions and problems have to do with models, views, controllers, etc. all at once, so not sure if this approach would be helpful.

Perhaps more general categorizations would be better, such as How-To’s, Errors, Ideas/Suggestions, etc.

That said, it’s probably best to just wait and see what types of topics are being created, look for patterns and then create the appropriate categories one by one.


I would suggest an Announcements category where announcements can be made by the core developers.
I was thinking about new releases, security announces, etc. This way it can be discussed by the community.

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Great idea. I’ve added the Announcements category.

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Would be nice to predefine some Cakephp version tags like “3.2” or “3.1” “2.0.1” etc.

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I don’t see where in the admin UI I can add tags, but I’ll keep looking.