MixerAPI are not installing

Hi… Cake, please help me to install MixerAPI. Actually i am getting error when i install it through composer… may it happen due to version but if you have any idea please help me or advice alternative Plugin for cakephp RestFull Api Development which easily compatible with Swagger Ui.

I Got this issue please check screenshot and resolve it… and show me with example

Composer says psr/simple-cache is fixed to 2.0.0, which is not compatible with Mixer API’s requirement of 1.x for psr/simple-cache.

Start with trying to figure out why your application requires version 2:

composer why psr/simple-cache

I do’t know why but always problem with cakephp not laravel… now I am going to shift my project to laravel because there are up to dated plugins and vast community supports even easily find additional echo system… I choose wrong framework for developing web application.

I have latest composer version & cakephp still have old plugins and no one handle them. I have no time to fix this issue all time i am just focusing on my program… laravel provide rich functionality without any bothering like this shit…
No proper documentation… check your ajax plugin!

Laravel win two times here

Godspeed, my friend.