Announcing v1.0.0 release of MixerAPI

Hey everyone, I’ve been working on this plugin to streamline API development for CakePHP projects. It’s component-based so you can pick and choose what you need or install the kitchen sink. If you’ve used (or heard of) API Platform for Symfony this fills a similar need for the CakePHP community.

Github: GitHub - mixerapi/mixerapi: A CakePHP Plugin for RESTful API Development [READ-ONLY]
App Skeleton: GitHub - mixerapi/app: A mixerapi/mixerapi application template for Docker Compose and Kubernetes based on the official cakephp/app 4.2 template.
Demo GitHub: GitHub - mixerapi/demo: MixerAPI demo project based on the mixerapi/app template.
Mono/Dev Repo: GitHub - mixerapi/mixerapi-dev: Development (monorepo) repository for MixerAPI


We have a large existing application with lots of UI, which we need to keep. We also have a few API endpoints, and looking to add more. Is this plugin suitable for integrating into the existing application? Or would the best approach be to build a new application just for the APIs?

You can integrate it in, but there will be caveats. For instance, if you use something like CollectionView you’d be changing your responses on collection requests which could impact clients. Of course, the response format is configurable so that may not be a problem for you. The same could be said for ExceptionRender if you have clients expecting a specific error format. Now if your organization is the only ones implementing your API then this is less of a concern.

Certain plugins probably don’t make sense for you such as Rest. What I’d probably do is just start installing what you need individually.

You could always build a new application as well but I am not sure how much code you are talking about or what your needs are.

TL;DR take what you need, leave the rest maybe?