Math numbers and show it

I did the calculation and I have the result as follows: -1.1368683772162E-13

$this->Number->format(-1.1368683772162E-13, ['places' => 2]);

Result is: -0,00

If I enter a number without E-13 its all ok. Please help how to display a number if it contains E-13 or something else?

What result are you expecting to get for this?

I need the number to be 2 decimal place -> -1.13

I think you are misunderstanding what the E-13 means. It means “times 10 to the exponent -13”. So -1.1368683772162E-13 = -0.00000000000011368683772162. Rounding that to two decimal places is indeed -0.00.

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Interestingly, thank you for the explanation