Login using the authentication plugin

I am quite confused about the authentication plugin.

I am using CakePHP as a service for a React app. I should be able to send the POST request of a login form to some URL in order to log in. But I am unsure where to.

I am aware the Form Authenticator has a urlLogin field, as shown here:

I did try to access it and all I am getting is a page not found, nor is any url for login (or any user related operation is mentioned in the router). Should I make my own User Controller including the login? From other posts on the forum I thought this is not needed.

You need to have a UsersController with a login function and a template, so that you can create your login form.

Been there. Done that.

Before diving into react, test the app with Postman…

Also, for React Native app I would use https://book.cakephp.org/authentication/1.1/en/testing.html#token-based-authentication Token based authentication passed via headers.

If you are talkin 101, yes, you need to make a UsersController and login action. Alongwith that you also need to load the plugin.