Wrong path to login form with authentication plugin

i’m new to cakePHP. I work with the tutorial ‘CMS tutorial’ from the cookbook Version 4.x.
All work fine until i came to the point of the authentication. Installing the plugin and adding passwort hashing is done but the login form makes trouble. If i try to go the articles page to add an article (articles/add), i get redirect to the login form. But i get the response 'Object not found - 404 ’ from the Browser.

The Application runs under localhost/myapp. The login form is located under localhost/myapp/user/login. If i try to connect manuelly to the form it works. Bu the App redirect me to localhost/user/login. That is wrong.
If i change the redirect location from ‘unauthenticatedRedirect’ => ‘users/login’ to ‘myapp/users/login’ i get a error that there is no controller for myapp.

Maybe there is a problem with the path in the config/app.php (webroot/wwwroot)?

At the moment i don’t get the point.