Load js or css from cell view

I am useing cakephp 3.5 and try to load js and css inline from cell view but It is not loading either css or js.I am not getting any docs regarding this anywhere.I didn’t understand is it cakephp bug or I am doing somewhere mistake.Below is my code of cell vew

<?= $this->Html->css('IesTheme./pswipe/photoswipe',['block'=>true]) ?> <?= $this->Html->css('IesTheme./pswipe/default-skin/default-skin',['block'=>true]) ?>

Use code without echo.

It have tested this but didn’t get success

Cells use different view instances to be generated. So any “block” apart from content is lost. See Issue #7003

There was a proposal to make something like getting blocks from cells (Issue #10166) but right now is set to “future”

So, you have to inline the css/js blocks, or load it from the main template files that uses the cell