Layout stops working when none index controller used in URL

** EDIT: I have found the source of the problem. It is related to a noscript tag around the css links. When I remove this tag then it works fine again. **

Hey guys.

This has been bugging me all day and has halted development on an important project I am working on a deadline for.

Yesterday this was working just fine and today it seems to have stopped.
In CakePHP 2.7.0-RC I have a controller named AccountController with a public function index() and login() class function. The layout stops working once I move past the controller index.

/account - This works just fine and layout loads ok
/account/ - Layout still loads in the html, but visually it isn’t working
/account/login - Same as /account/
/account/login/ - Same as /account/

I have attached a couple of screenshots of working and not working.

I am not doing anything special with the layouts at all, I can’t find any traces of errors in PHP. The paths to the CSS and JS are correct and working, tested by ‘view page source’ then clicking the links in the source code to confirm they point to the correct files.

This seems like some kind of permission issue to me, however I am running the code on my local server on a Windows 7 machine without any file permissions being implemented. This code was working yesterday and for some reason it has stopped without any changes from me. I could really use some help.

Thanks in advance, Martyn


Without a trailing slash: