Issue with upgrading cakephp 2.5.3 to cakephp 3.4

Hi, did anyone have the steps to follow to upgrade CakePHP 2.5.3 to CakePHP 3.4.3?

Actually, I believe you’d be better off with a clean fresh install, and migrate your data over. But that’s just what I do. I once wasted a lot of time in another framework trying to upgrade, and it wound up quicker using the new install.

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Start by upgrading to the latest version of 2.x, and then follow the migration guide here

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@jimgwhit Thank you for your reply. That’s what I thought.

@dakota Thank you for the reply! Why Should I upgrade to the latest version before migrating to 3.0?

According to my knowledge, As latest version of Cakephp 2.x is 2.9.7 supports Php 7 version and more close to Cakephp 3.x as compare to previous version
if we see new releases of cakephp then they mention whats new relevant to 3.x is added
for example in cakephp 2.9.8 release there is: Validation::notEmpty() accepts -0.0 as it does on 3.x.
check this reference link: