Issue since I upload a controller file

Good day,

Some year ago, I built a web site with CakePHP. I also set permission with ACO and ARO.
The big problem, I have, its so long time, that I do not rember a lot of things.

Today, I have to make a very simple update to my ResearchController file.Some thimgs so simple like changing the order of listing data (DESC to ASC)

				$d['researches'] = $this->Research->find('all',array(
					'order'=>'Research.order ASC',
					'conditions' => array(
						'Research.status'=> true

Then I upload that file to my server.

The mistake I did, I uploaded it as root. I ssh the server and I observer that all files are own to another user than root. Then I deleted the file, configure FileZilla with the right user and I re-upload it. Now all files have the same owner.

Since, a message is shown

[ Warning (2)](javascript:void(0);): Invalid argument supplied for foreach() [ APP/Controller/Component/CtrlComponent.php , line 31 ]

[ Warning (2)](javascript:void(0);): array_diff() []: Argument #1 is not an array [ APP/Controller/Component/CtrlComponent.php , line 49 ]

[ Warning (2)](javascript:void(0);): Invalid argument supplied for foreach() [ APP/Controller/AppController.php , line 78 ]

Note, the web site is running since serveral years and I never get a such message.
I really do not understand why the fact to upload a file, give me the above troubles.

Note: Before uploading (for the first time) I make a backup of my original file. I renamed it ResearchControllerBCK.php.
Because of my issue, I renamed back ResearchControllerBCK.php to ResearchController.php, but the problem is the same.

So i ahev not idea, how to solve my problem.

By the way, from my permission page

I have tow special links

  • update ACOs
  • update AROs

As it’s long time and I do not rember how it’s work, I am afraid about to click on thos link, but I did on ACOs link. I do not know if it’s the reason of my issue, but it should not.

Do you have an idea how I should start to investigate?

The content of AppController is

//File: application/Controller/Component/CtrlComponent.php
// Component rewritten, original from :
class CtrlComponent extends Component {
     * Return an array of user Controllers and their methods.
     * The function will exclude ApplicationController methods
     * @return array
    public function get() {
        $aCtrlClasses = App::objects('controller');
        foreach ($aCtrlClasses as $controller) {

            if ($controller != 'AppController') {
                // Load the controller
                App::import('Controller', str_replace('Controller', '', $controller));

                // Load its methods / actions
                $aMethods = get_class_methods($controller);

                foreach ($aMethods as $idx => $method) {
                    if ($method{0} == '_') {

                // Load the ApplicationController (if there is one)
                App::import('Controller', 'AppController');
                $parentActions = get_class_methods('AppController');

                $contro = strstr($controller,'Controller',-1);

                // List here all the actions you want to remove from the default selection
                $exclude = array('categoriesList','admin_show','menuList','adminpagesList','tag','admin_delTag','show','feed','signin','activate','login','logout','changepassword','forgottenpassword','tagsList','category');
                $controllers[$contro] = array_diff($aMethods, $parentActions, $exclude);

        return $controllers;

Many thank for your help

Problem solved.
This was I add a uwanted file

I should have save it somewhere than in Controller folder.