Problem trying to upload files with cake 3.10

Hi, I’m a newbie using Cake. I am having problems trying to upload files using josegonzalez/upload plugin.
I have an error when I try to upload a file in my project:
Error: [InvalidArgumentException] Invalid data type, must be an array or \ArrayAccess instance.
Here is the code i use in my table:

public function initialize(array $config)


        $this->addBehavior('Josegonzalez/Upload.Upload', [
            'ruta' => [
                'path' => 'webroot{DS}resoluciones',
				'nameCallback' => function ($table, $entity, $data, $field, $settings) {
									$msec = explode(" ", microtime(false));
									$ext = preg_split("/[\.]+/", $data['name']);
									$NameEncript=Security::hash($data['name'].$msec[0], 'sha1', true);
                	return  $NameEncript . '.' . end($ext);
				'keepFilesOnDelete' => false,
				'keepFilesOnUpdate' => false,