Invalid security debug token: Froala ajax image upload with CSRF

Hi guys,
Hoping I can get some help. I’m using froala editor on one of my sites, and I’m trying to get the image uploads to work. It works great on a site once the security and csrf components aren’t enabled. After I enable them, of course my ajax upload action starts complaining about not having the right tokens with my request. After some reading and fiddling around, I found that adding the following to my froala configuration seems to help:

imageUploadParams: {
’_Token’: token, // <- this is $this->request->param(’_csrfToken’);
’_Token[fields]’: “image”, //<- not sure what this should be, but hoping to sort it out once I get past this error
’_Token[unlocked]’: “image”, //<- same as above
’_Token[debug]’: false //<- for sure not the right thing to put here

Now when my upload action gets called, the error being thrown is “Invalid security debug token.”. I’ve googled around, but I can’t seem to find a way to get the Debug token. Any ideas?