CSRF token from either the request body or request headers did not match or is missing

Hello everyone,
In my CakePHP 5 based application I have, among other things, a FileUpload function, which is implemented via Javascript. When the function is activated, the following error message appears. See the screenshot. Under CakePHP version 4, I had no problems with the same functionality. Anyone have an idea how I can solve this problem? I would also accept switching off the CSRF function if this is possible in CakePHP5. I would be happy to hear about a solution.

Well as the error implies your request doesn’t contain a CSRF token in either its HTTP Headers or its request body. Make sure to set it in your AJAX call.

Disabling CSRF for specific actions works the same in CakePHP 5 as it does in CakePHP 4.

If you want to disable the CSRF check for that specific action is up 2 you.

Hello Kevin,
Thank you very much for your hint. I decided to turn it off and it works now.
Thank you and best regards,

Hello Kevin,
but I was happy a little too early. The file upload works via Javascript. See the screenshot. Of course there is also the CSRF problem here. If I implement the following (See also ScreenShot)
, then I no longer get the CSRF error message, but the file upload no longer works. I know I’m doing something wrong. But what?
Do you perhaps have another tip?
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this is literally in my app and working fine

let csrfToken = document.querySelector('[name="csrfToken"]').value;
const response = await fetch('/myurl', {
  method: 'post',
  headers: {
    'X-CSRF-Token': csrfToken,
    'X-Requested-With': 'XMLHttpRequest',

this of course doesn’t contain a body but it shouldn’t matter

Hello Kevin,
Thank you again in advance for your quick reply. I will test it.
Best regards,

Hello Kevin,
Unfortunately my test wasn’t very successful and I’ve already spent 2 days trying to find a solution. Unfortunately without success. Now I’m hoping for another idea from you. Attached you will find a screenshot. The current test situation including the result is documented here. Note: This worked as shown under CakePHP4.
Many greetings and many thanks in advance.

The JS snippet shown will only work if you have an HTML element somewhere on the page named csrfToken, with the value of the token in it.

Hello Zuluru,
Thank you very much for your hint. I have tested it. Unfortunately it does not work. Or have I misunderstood something?
See the screenshot.
Thank you in advance.

Why would you expect this to work?
The CSRF Token needs to be something like


and is present inside any form generated by CakePHP.

You are selecting the button element which doesn’t have any value attribute at all, so that csrfToken variable in js is empty.

Try to adjust your selector to

let csrfToken = document.querySelector('[name="_csrfToken"]').value;

mine above was just an example because I have a custom meta tag in the header containing the CSRF token at all pages, its just not default CakePHP so of course copy-pasting my code won’t work for you.

Hello Kevin,
Success message.
First of all, thank you again for your help.
Now it’s working.
Many greetings and a merry Christmas,