Insert element anywhere

Is there any way to insert a cake element at a desired place anywhere in any page but not hard coded.
Use : I want a user to be able to insert pre-defined informations anywhere he wants through custom tags (example : Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. [element_1]).
So I could replace string [element_1] with <?= $this->element('element_1') ?>

What I mean is a simple way. Of course, I could use strpos and a regular expression etc. but it is quite time consuming.

How does the user add/create content? Sounds like maybe a CMS type system? Take a look at Croogo - a CMS for CakePHP. It implements a system like this.

The only way is to pre/post-process for tags using regular expressions

The user does not create content. All the informations are predefined and not subject to change (a kind of “how-to”).

Ok, then you can probably just do <?= $this->element('element_1') ?>? Otherwise, maybe take a look at

Ok Thank you for the link