How to use Cakephp ORM for another Application

Hi, i am got a cakephp ORM, i want to use for another app because client, but i just familiar with the cakephp orm how to use it ?

What do you mean by “got” the ORM? You’ve installed it into your other app via composer or the like? Or just cloned the repository?

i installed via composer, i had been got it brother, iwant to ask new help, for saving association
$datatrx_notagesek = $tabeltrx_notagesek->newEntity($terimadata, ['associated'=>['SubtrxNotagesek'=>['Profit'],'TrxRekening'=>['validate'=>false]]]);

itry that code but cannot work
Trxnotagesek has many subtrxnotagesek and subtrxnotagesek has one profit

What does “cannot work” mean? Do you get an error? It doesn’t save anything? It saves some records but not all of them?

Yes that code doesn’t save anything, record profit cannot save

Have you actually called save, or just newEntity? The latter creates an in-memory entity, but doesn’t make any attempt to persist it.