How to render respons as XML

Cakephp 4.1.1

   To render the response as Json: 
    $this->set(['response' => $api_response]);
    $this->viewBuilder()->setOption('serialize', true);
    $this->RequestHandler->renderAs($this, 'json'); 
    this works fine !

    To render the response as Xml i tried: 
    $this->set(['response' => $api_response]);
    $this->viewBuilder()->setOption('serialize', true);
    $this->RequestHandler->renderAs($this, 'xml'); 
    this results in error = "Serialization of View data failed".

Why does xml results in error while json does not? (I did not create any View files)

Then,… after reading a bit more carefull in the book, it says:

Defining _serialize as an array has added the benefit of automatically appending a top-level <response> element when using XmlView . If you use a string value for _serialize and XmlView, make sure that your view variable has a single top-level element. Without a single top-level element the Xml will fail to generate.

My fix to render the response as Xml :
$this->set([[‘response’ => $api_response]]);
$this->viewBuilder()->setOption(‘serialize’, true);
$this->RequestHandler->renderAs($this, ‘xml’);


This is the way problem solving is supposed to work :slight_smile: