How to call helper in cell

Hi!.. everyone,

Is there anyway to load or call helper method in cell.

Normally in a Cell template like this

 * @var \App\View\AppView $this


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thanks @shadowx.jb man! you are super cool! :metal:

I’ve noticed that your replies often include “man” or “bro” or “guys”. Please try to use more inclusive language. Not everyone here is male, and language like this can make those who are not feel excluded, which is surely not what any of us want.

so whats wrong here! if i said man or guy? I just say it as friendly way so please do’t take it seriously respected @Zuluru. if someones help me or fix my problem so of course i will praise/admiration him/her ok so please let everyone free here, i am not saying anything wrong

What’s wrong is that programming has traditionally been a male-dominated profession, and at least some of that is because women don’t feel welcome. It’s basically no effort at all to change our words very slightly to be inclusive. Words like “friend” or “peeps” are great friendly gender-neutral ways to refer to people whose gender you don’t actually know.

oh!!! my God! hehehhe I am not think in deep as you @Zuluru. Ok I do anything wrong please forgive me, I am sorry… I think i hurt you sorry… next time i will say friends, even from now I say friend… so please now take it easy friend… :+1: :v:

And I never think as you think @Zuluru only man have programmer and not woman…! & you know who is the first programmer?.. its woman who invent programming so never judge male or female programmers. my friend @Zuluru

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